A Great Possibility of Visual Argument

Blair define the term “visual argument” by dividing it into two parts, visual and argument. after definitions were given, Blair introduced some applications and possibilities of visual argument. That is the part I could agree more, the impression that visual distributed is tremendous and engraved in one’s mind, unlike what you heard or what you feel, people normally trust their eyes more. An old idol, seeing is believing, state that out thoroughly. Blair suggest that body language, facial movements, or simply remain silent could be great possibilities of visual argument, those are all direct and straight forward visual expressions. Verbal expressions stands on the opposite side but never conflicts with those visual expressions. There’s no primary function to perform a visual argument, both visual and verbal has its own technique and principles. Which to choose, how to use, under what kind of circumstances are our choices to be made.

Let us take body language and facial expression as an example as illustrating direct visual blast compare to verbal expressions. The image below is a professional man at work.


Frankly, we would trust the man in the picture easily, open our hearts to him quicker. Why? Not only his smile and his fresh and clean looks, but also his body language and facial expressions. His smile indicates that he is a outgoing and friendly person, his motion of reaching out implies that he is easygoing and willing to make friends with you. His proper dress that you can see directly from your own eyes increases his creditability that you would feel this person is countable and helpful. His confidence evade from his facial expressions and body languages, gives us a great visual shock, and let us know about this person somehow in a visual way. That’s how body languages and facial expressions as great possibilities of visual argument. However, you may still be persuade by this man if he is eloquent, that is in terms of verbal. Normally you judge people by their looks and outfits, which means you judge them visually, after that you would hear them and that means they are now judged verbally. That is what Blair indicates, different ways approaching visual argument.

What would you focus more, when there is a speaker delivering a speech, his/her body language and facial expressions, or if he is persuasive and nor boring.


One thought on “A Great Possibility of Visual Argument

  1. I don’t think I’d trust this guy. I might pay him to be my lawyer or banker or to handle investments, but if this person tried to sell me something I might not trust him. I certainly wouldn’t trust him if he told me about educational software or an interesting lesson, because he reminds me of the kind of people that run large online, for-profit universities (which I don’t trust).

    So even with clothing, there’s no one “size fits all” for visual communication.


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