Last Reading! Knowing Our Foci

Foci is a geometry term, it is an important element that decide what an eclipse look like, you need a focus to determine a circle’s shape but you would two foci to determine the shape of an eclipse, so I would say that foci is a more powerful term than focus in the field of geometry.

Wysocki indicates that we would focus on where a good design leads us to focus, the design builds one or more foci in order to lead reader to the direction they wanted. such as the sexually lured lady as the cover, which her body shape leads our focus to where it intended and Wysocki points that out with arrows too. There’s a lot of foci that could lead to different views, a company would like to see an intern’s foci to determine their ability and creativity. It reminds me a story. A rich man decided to distribute his property to his sons but he decided that the one who worth most will get most. To state this in another way, he wanted to see their foci when facing a same problem. Then he provide all three sons with 100 dollars and ask them to fill his apartment with anything. First son bought the cheapest that he could think: straw, and he could only fulfill one third of the house because it is a big house. The second son purchased cotton which almost fill the house because cotton is soft and could fill a lot of space. However, when the rich man step in to his third son’s design, he simply saw a candle that wont cost over 5 dollars, the third son explained that he fulfilled the whole house with the light that candle provided.


As the most valuable property lands in the third son’s hand, we should consider our foci. Is it as normal and common as the first son which you simply follow the big wave and act exactly like others, or your foci is smarter that you could find a short cut, an easy way to achievement you achievement like the second son. Maybe you could even think outside of the box and your foci would be astonishing and perfect as the third son. We should know where our foci lands in a scale, and improve our ideas.

What do you think that you could fill that house with, your initial thought would determine your foci level.



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