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Last Reading! Knowing Our Foci

Foci is a geometry term, it is an important element that decide what an eclipse look like, you need a focus to determine a circle’s shape but you would two foci to determine the shape of an eclipse, so I would say that foci is a more powerful term than focus in the field of geometry.

Wysocki indicates that we would focus on where a good design leads us to focus, the design builds one or more foci in order to lead reader to the direction they wanted. such as the sexually lured lady as the cover, which her body shape leads our focus to where it intended and Wysocki points that out with arrows too. There’s a lot of foci that could lead to different views, a company would like to see an intern’s foci to determine their ability and creativity. It reminds me a story. A rich man decided to distribute his property to his sons but he decided that the one who worth most will get most. To state this in another way, he wanted to see their foci when facing a same problem. Then he provide all three sons with 100 dollars and ask them to fill his apartment with anything. First son bought the cheapest that he could think: straw, and he could only fulfill one third of the house because it is a big house. The second son purchased cotton which almost fill the house because cotton is soft and could fill a lot of space. However, when the rich man step in to his third son’s design, he simply saw a candle that wont cost over 5 dollars, the third son explained that he fulfilled the whole house with the light that candle provided.


As the most valuable property lands in the third son’s hand, we should consider our foci. Is it as normal and common as the first son which you simply follow the big wave and act exactly like others, or your foci is smarter that you could find a short cut, an easy way to achievement you achievement like the second son. Maybe you could even think outside of the box and your foci would be astonishing and perfect as the third son. We should know where our foci lands in a scale, and improve our ideas.

What do you think that you could fill that house with, your initial thought would determine your foci level.



The power of Youtube

Reading Jenkin’s article makes me think a lot, and it is interesting. The true power of a popular online media is really powerful and scary. It also reminds me that a video I saw a couple of weeks ago and I remember that was Franklin Roosevelt running for presidential election and he made a warm-heart video to get votes and attention. There’s a lot of videos went really popular just because it was broadcast over internet and from one to ten, ten to hundreds, hundreds to thousands, such as the “PPAP” song from a Japanese singer that would stuck in our head for days, and a few years ago the “Damn Daniel” video got popular and a lot of people was mimicking it. All the popular and effective events gather our attention and become a dining topic that we could all have a discuss at are spread in channels like Youtube.

Curious will kill a kat. That’s a famous saying, also implies if we do not know that much, we should be safe and sound. A lot of unnecessary murdering happens when you know too much and the only way to keep a secret safe is to let you shut your mouth forever and dead people can not talk. Looking at a bigger perspective in politics, we could know who to vote for due to their online video that the made for election, or to know who not to vote for when a scandal breaks out. We are fully aware of not every kind of video could be posted on Youtube, just because the great power of online media, your illegal post that threatens the country or some individual will be spread fast if not controlled. The person who upload the video maybe found guilty for illegal posts as well. Those are all proves of the power of Youtube, the power of online media. Take an event close to present as an example, we would not know Trump’s disrespect in women and Hillary’s email scandal through powerful online media. Those two candidate themselves would not post those videos, but they are now still visible by us. So the concept of a freedom post is in mist now, but I do believe that the country would hope their online media in good use and maintain good order.


What color is this dress? Black and blue? or White and Gold? It’s okay if you find you holding different reviews than your friend, but you would not be surprised that your friend knows about this dress as well, right? Because the power of online media is real and strong.

A Balance of Media Use

Ding’s article reveals different ways to spread the information while emergency epidemics break out. Alternative media such as professional words and private phone calls did a great job on spreading the news. I read a lot of reading to do blog posts like such but for the first time in forever I got to do one that is constructed by a Chinese author, so as the demon side of me appeared and give me suggestions. I search the article in my Chinese search engine and hope to find a Chinese version of this article to make my life easy once, reading Chinese would be 10 times faster than reading English, It’s in my blood and veins and sadly it has not change yet. However, I failed to find such article that is a Chinese version, then after a few thoughts I figured out why, the article itself lost its political correctness in China. No one would dare to post the Chinese version of such article. It implies that Chinese government did not react immediately, did not spread the news at the first time. They would need to do that through alternative media to notify their people, make people lost confidence in their government. That makes this article a banned one in our article database.

Ding’s article talks about panic people during SARS, which makes me agree to the use of alternative media use. The last thing a country with such big population want to see was panic, the news directly distributed by government would cause such a big panic, like thrown a giant rock into a pond that cause waves and waves to oscillate. The balance of media is important facing such emergency epidemics, the decision of whether the event is urge enough to draw people’s attention considering the possible panic is very important. If its nothing but a curable flu and will be gone in a few weeks, we should not broadcast in big medias and let everyone worried about it and started living in shadows and fears. If it is a big deal then we should not hide it from the public causing unnecessary death and illness due to not spreading the information on time. When comes to time of reporting news, even we would considering report and good ones and omit the bad ones, don’t we?


This picture indicates a relationship between lovers, but it is the exact same with everyone that you care. My mom ask me about my grades, I would prefer report only the good ones so she would care less and stop worrying. I would be suffered if my bad news make her consider me more and have no good sleep or meal at the other side of earth hemisphere. It’s our instincts, and so does government.

Would you panic if government is now broadcasting this new lethal virus that is spreading officially? Or does your panic would be less if you get this information from an alternative media?

Apocalyptic Storytelling

Segal and Heer’s paper suggest that we could do the storytelling through good graphs that represent important data and information. They even have five cases that support their points, all cases are provided with good data and indeed indicates that data could cover this storytelling method.

I do not agree with this and not like how this trend is leaning to, I prefer the old-fashion way of storytelling, that should not be replaced by such fancy storytelling method. Though we are now watching Netflix or reading some novel through our ipad or kindle before we go to bed, I still think the bedtime story your mom read to you is the most memorable and important. The true charm part of storytelling is the person, not the story itself, the videos we see these days might be powerful and enjoyable, but the lacking element of a story telling person could not fix the problem no matter how powerful the narrative is. Having a true storyteller that is a human being and they delivered the story to you with their own body language, eye contacts and facial expressions are way more powerful than google syncing voice with no emotions attached to it. As using a video or good graphs to eradicate the method of storytelling, I must say with sadness that storytelling has come to be apocalyptic, would fall at any second. Parents would no longer read their child a bedtime story but simply download some cartoon on their child’s Ipad and let that do the job.


The article threatens me and I do afraid we would lost the power of a real storyteller. What would you prefer doing before bed if you are a child, have your mom or dad read you a bedtime story? or read it from kindle because that has what you need anyway?


I Let My Graphs Do the Talking

Tutfe in this one trying to express that we need a correct way to show data, do good data explanation. My blog post title quote from a famous boxer who said, I let my hands do the talking, whom she believes in her fist and have faith that they would bring her glory. On the other hand, we should let out graphs do the talking, trust in our graphs that they have the ability to explain data well and thoroughly. Apply some play on words, I would actually want my graphs to do the talking, which means I just need to stood there, click my computer, either space button or mouse, my graph would be shown and people would just focus on my graph and getting all the information they need without me saying a word. It would do the talking for me. A good data explanation graph could do such thing, I firmly believe.


This graph give out information about C++ language’s data types, we could see it clearly gives out good data explanation(pun intended). The arrows fly clearly so we could see the process of which contains which, which should go first and which has the highest priority.

Nowadays, I look forward to see a lot of slides like such, to be honest, the average grade of a certain class, if needed lecture and slides, the one that gives out more information on the slides would have a higher average grade. The thing is, while you reviewing for midterm and finals, the teacher would not be at your side and we are not considering such outliers like tutors and office hours, you would need a graph that could itself so you could under stand what they stand for, a good slide should contain graphs that do the talking.

Do you have an experience with very bad slide show that you have no idea what it is about, how did the average of midterm/ finals turn out?

Blend emotion into data

I was pretty shocked by the power of data visualization. All 3 articles implied the power of it too. Simple data with just numbers and graphs are boring, if we could not find a way to make people accept the data, and even memorize the data, then the meaning of presenting the data is not there. We all have text books and most people do agree that text books are boring because of the dull data representation, bar graphs, line graphs, pie chart appeared millions times, though we do know how those graphs works, but it still bores and depress people. If we use the correct technique to present our data, the goal will be reached.

Especially enjoying the demonstration of gun-shot. First of all, it demonstrate a few victims with their name and age which showed this really happened, and then it started grow faster as the audiences heart goes faster, following with rapidly increasing gun-shot death victim numbers, the graph was fulfilled with yellow lines representing their death instant and white lines representing when might they live, this will be remembered for a long time because all the effects and strategy that this website reveal its data. The strong composition and visualization makes people impress and touched. The choice of color is smart as well, yellow which has a vivid meaning and white symbolize none, null, and pale, the color of death, the difference between a warm color and a cold color been applied so well.


Such picture is another demonstration with powerful data visualization and good use of color, use color to symbolize different parts of body, and the color turns from warm to cold as the severeness increases, how powerful message delivered.

Would the textbook become more data visualization considered, so that we could study with joy and memorize them more deeply and thoroughly?


I sense some deep trenches between me and Tversky, which do indicates that we hold different views, I would agree that animations are something so useful and what Tversky commented feels like it just disrespect its sacred side. By trenches, I mean the trenches form normally between generations, such trenches happens most commonly between children and parents, they hold different point of views due to their different experience and knowledge, and they all think themselves as the correct one while thinking their parents/kids are just too old/young to understand them.

It muse be several generations between me and Tversky to form such big trenches which he thinks that animation would create failure and it is useless. Does he not have a childhood or he is just too senior like and refuse to take in good suggestions. Our generation’s childhood are full of cartoons, which is animation, all of our education source tends to be animated for a better understanding and a better development in our brain, it also contributes a lot in building interest for toddlers to study. The cartoon version alphabet below is way more easy to accept and learn than a single black and white alphabet. bp

Parents deal with such trenches differently, some parents think that animations are like monsters, they tried to eliminate cartoon from their kids life and try to educate as how they were educated, dull board with black and white color, some parents are letting their child absorb such colorful source while worrying those colors and animations would distract them too much, some parents know what they are doing and let child embrace the charm and the good part of animated education and knowledge, which most parents perform such way and our childhood turns out to be colorful as well.

I could not stand someone stating that animation would fail us and is useless, those critics who are educated in a colorless world have no experience and shall lose their credit giving such judgment. Is your childhood full of color, and do you think that’s for the best of you?