Author: minyeong12

Manipulation of Visual data

          Tufte and Kostelinick recognized that visual data is powerful than its known as. Line, arrangement, and even little dot can affect the whole data. In other words, audiences are seriously influenced by the visual data; sometimes misinformation which is created by the designers (the design template and wizards of graphing software) make readers particularly vulnerable.[pg.3,VISUAL RHETORIC OF DATA DISPLAYS: THE CONUNDRUM OF CLARITY].

       From my experience, the visual data is major tool for understanding the whole information. I always got help from the visual data whenever I study the difficult chapter. Thus if the visual data lost the objectivity, the whole information is going to be misinformed.

image_4108.pngThe abstract data also affects to audiences since people doesn’t get any information or interpret as their own way. Participation of the interpreting the information gives the wrong conclusion.